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Vehicle Advertising permits from RTA

RTA permission is mandatory by law for advertising on the vehicles registered in Dubai

We can handle the RTA permission application on behalf our client as well as the annual renewal of the existing permits


Why Us?

We a part of our service, we can obtain RTA permission for advertising / branding on the private / commercial vehicles of our clients. Our experienced staff can advice you on the formalities and requirements for advertising on the vehicles in Dubai such a motor cycles, car, passenger van, cargo van, trucks, buses etc. We can guide you on various types of vehicle advertising based on the coverage of the design on the vehicle.

You have the option of only displaying your company logo / brand / trade mark on the vehicle which will be categorised as basic logo advertisement and nominal yearly fees. You can also show the trade name in English & Arabic, contact details, PO. Box number, telephone number, email & website address of the company as per your trade license.

Graphics coverage on half of the vehicle, ie sides and rear bumper will be considered as partial / half wrap. It is mandatory to show the trade name and text contents in English & Arabic.

In case the graphics is covering the full vehicle, it will be categorized a full / complete wrap of the vehicle. But the graphics are not allowed on the side and the rear windows and the roof of the vehicle. The annual fees for complete wrap is more compared to logo display or partial / half wrap. In this case also it is mandatory to show the trade name and text contents in English & Arabic. In case of colour percentage of the graphics exceed 30%, an additional approval of the design needs to be availed from Dubai Police. In case the advertisement is related to real estate, an approval certificate availed from Department of Land and Property.

You can exhibit advertisements on vehicles rented from a rent a car agency also by applying for the RTA permission with the contract photocopies from the agency.

In case the advertisement / trade marked is about any third party, a contract or a registered trademark from the Ministry of Economy needs to be submitted along with the vehicle advertisement application.

While applying for the advertising permits, along with the advertisement design mockup, valid trade license copy & vehicle ownership registration details are to be submitted. RTA have all the right to approve the advertisement designs as submitted or suggest any changes on the artwork.

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